A brand new you


"Dr. Mindflip is one of those artists for which the word creativity seems to have been created. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes agitated, but always intriguing, his musical world will get you to colourful and hypnotic places"

"Go ahead, listen… one word of advice, though… you’ll soon find Mindflip’s music slowly seeping into you, rooting around under your skin. Surely, this parasite may be of the friendly sort, but it’s invasive!"


1. Barney's magic dog

Have you ever seen a dog run like that mad fucker Barney’s magic dog?
He’ll rip your bollocks off and tear it in tiny pieces, Barney’s magic dog
Barney’s magic dog has run away
Barney’s magic dog ain’t here today

2. This ends now

Come sailing on this little boat I made
We’ll take a tour of all the little things you hate
And you’ll see the light, you’ll see that life is not what you make it
Strip off your skin, the mess you’re in
Just lie down and take it

A little whirlpool right inside your brain
The paper cripples as it ripples down the drain
You wanted me more than words could say
I lick your wounds at the end of your weary days
But you waltz with your worries
You dance with your broken back
You’re twisted, contorted
You’re kittens in a burlap sack

One day I’ll whittle all your dreams away

3. Old

I’ve been waiting for you to come by for quite some time
(and that’s no lie)
The big surprise is on your face
There’s magic flowing all over this place

There’s a swamp right in front
(and right behind)
Although your mind is cracking up and running dry
Let down your hair and grab that wine
And get it all over with before it gets old

I made an effort once
You remember that
You might like to live like this but I won’t
You remember that
And grind all your teeth right down while you sit at home
And chew the fat, you’re good at that
15 years ain’t long
15 weeks ain’t long
15 days ain’t long
15 hours ain’t long

4. Dead swinger

The night is foggy, his path is clear
He watches you walk out of here, following close
The cobbles slippy with mud and mist
A hasty glance down at your wrist
The night’s a ghost

Lamplight shines its last
The crowd has long since past
Now it’s just you sharing the morning chills
With a hey there stranger mind if I join you?
Mind if I slide my eyes up on you?
No need for talking, wandering, walking
I’ll eat those clouds from out your mouth

(hey) soul digger
(please) lane whistler
(don’t) dead swinger
(leave) dead swinger

Memory throws up a magpie from out its nest
Due to die, you ask mom why
I’m sorry son that’s just the way things are
When little birdies stray too far
Just let it lie
That circumstance aside
There is a frenzy in these eyes
The kind that roots you to the spot until

You hear a Dead swinger

5. Losing it

I’m wearing circles in the floor
Drowning in the clothes I wore a month ago or more
You know the simple things in life are best
I clutch my tea like mother’s breast
The crows eat cake while I rest

OCD patrol
The white space has been breached
Dead tv spits static through me
But at least I’m not losing it

You know I pace these empty halls at night
I turn to smoke, do what I like
Tomorrow when it’s bright I’ll go outside

But the crowds down there don’t look too civilized
Just try it out sunshine you might just be surprised
There’s clothes to dry and screens to fry my dusty eyes
I’m frozen solid, hours go by, I realise that I’m losing it