every waking moment


"On Every Waking Moment, I find Dr. Mindflip to be a master of reinventing catchiness...This is modern pop music of the sort I appreciate...The sonic circumnavigation of Dr. Mindflip’s current state is a journey well worth taking. It gets children dancing and puts dogs at ease."
Synthesis Magazine

"With Every Waking Moment, the good Doctor takes on a new adventure in his musical landscape. All of the tracks are top-notch, and the expansion into a full band has just added new dimensions and textures."
The Cerebral Rift

"Netlabel blocSonic keeps to its mission to deliver solid indie music, this time in form of swingy pop tunes. Quirky indie pop."


1. Rootless

You can dance, you can move
You can slide, you can groove
If you want to

Rootless, use this form that
You just borrow for a while

You can get your face wet
There’s no law against it yet
If you want to
You can spend all your time
In a bottle of wine
If you want to

But you get lost in a screen
Til your insides turn green
And the buds in you sprout
Til the woods seem to shout out your name
It’s in vain, cos you’ve locked up your brain
It’s a shame

Where’s your smile?
Gimme that smile

2. All time low

My confidence is at an all time low
I can’t seem to find my get up and go
While my confidence is oh so low

A laneway of trees
The late summer breeze
No sense of unease in me
You see, my strap muscles grew
Turned into a noose
Pull and it’s easy for you to be
Without worry

Misshapen and atrophied positive point of view
It’s been an interesting trip to say the least
Now these lovely people I’ve met have appetites to whet
When you’re finished trying to be the ghost at the feast

My confidence was at an all time low
Never a truer word spoken, you had to go I wish
I could say ‘nice to know you’

3. Took a walk

I took a walk down the other side
To see what I could see
The flowers and trees all started to hide
There’s nothing here for me
The squirrels chatter like machine gun fire
And the moisture on my eyeballs started to freeze
Beneath the stones, the dead rattle their bones
But there’s nothing here for me

So take a little break from your big mistakes
And live a life, for once, all of your own

Now I turn into a massive lung
And drink up the day
The trees all leap from the soil
And they leave a colossal empty space
Where seasons blend Reason ends
Every corner, a friend
What kind of message is the world sending?
With robins on branches
Conspirators’ glances
Hypnotic red trances
And you
I nearly missed you

Yeah take a little break from your bellyache
And live a life, for once, all of your own

4. Grey day

It doesn’t matter where you go
Doesn’t matter what you see in me
Doesn’t matter what you say
It’s a grey day to me
The walls laugh at omens past
That silly bastard misery
Is out of tricks but for his last
Throws a grey day at me

The mood slides, you stay inside
Your mind churns as day turns to night
And a city of pages lures you in
Well-thumbed amber places welcome you with a grin
You know it’s been ages since you’ve had a drink
Meander and come upon your dusty friends
We’ll meet again with hollow souls
The couch swallows you whole

Regurgitated and new
A spectral assembly dance all around you
A surge of red, green and blue
The spectrum resembles the somersault world you knew
When you rubbed your eyes as a child
Son of all things wild
You won’t grow today, so there’s just no way
You’ll know a grey day