In a garden of fools


"Dr. Mindflip’s music features the perfect compromise between his enormously inventive arrangements and conventional music structures. 'In A Garden Of Fools' is a superb and successful attempt at combining unique and artistic songwriting with joyful listenability."

"This one is a doozie. The band has taken on a new dimension - they've grown together musically, and their performances show it. This is really a great conclusion to the series of EPs that DRMF has produced so far."
The Cerebral Rift

"Intriguing lyrics followed by perfect accompaniment...[In a garden of fools] is one album you do not want to miss... A unique sound that is refreshingly different from all the other mainstream music that we hear today."
Pure M Magazine


1. World of your own

Never did no wrong
Never did enough
Ever make a song and dance
For fancy folk you thought were above you?
Throw your hat at it
Out hops a rabbit
He points a paw and laughs at your ceaseless pursuit of love
But oh those simple melodies
They put your mind at ease
Here in this world of your own
A world of your own creation

Give it all you got
Think you’re fine, but you’re not
Ambitions rot because you left them far too long on the shelf
Deep down you insist
That you’re an idealist
Do you remember optimistic you, how good she felt? No?
Do you recall your altruistic view, your heart of wealth? No?
Then the simple energies
Are all that you need
Here in this world of your own

If you’re distracted by the bitterness you face
Kicking back against the rats within your race
If the world makes you struggle getting out of bed
Girl there’s no trouble, make another one to live within instead
And get out of your head!

Now you gaze into the trees
And graze on twitching leaves
Here in this world of your own
All of your own

2. Chest beater

Is this a mating display that’s gone and lost its way?
Your little pantomime has wasted quite enough of my time
You know that needlessly striving, weakness-denying,
Steady degradation is worse
So don’t you worry about the living and dying
Puking and crying
Just leave it to the experts

Walking on the wind
Your words ain’t coming in loud and clear
Cos you’re talking nonsense
Truth it bends in a torus when the cracks appear

I don’t care about your imagined conquests
Supposed banging-prowess
Your fickle outlook
How many merry go round routes you took
And while sea eagles are flying
You’re ego-supplying
Shovelling your crumbling self-worth
Your grasp upon the monomyth’s tenuous
Obscene, disingenuous
Your true emancipation will hurt

Walking on the wind
Your words ain’t coming in loud and clear
Cos you’re talking nonsense
Yeah, you’ve friends
But what makes you think that they want to hear your bullshit?

Cos I’m a chest beater - I’m a born leader
I’m a dispute feeder
An affection needer
Let all the rest peter away their time
Neither standing here nor there
While I hide my despair beneath choreographed airs and graces
And Instagram faces I’m bouncing off walls
Making you feel small and peaceful by comparison
It’s embarrassing that this well-worn and jaded show
Is all I know

3. Whole

A silent blue electric sound
Arrests your ears, rolls around
And it consumes the empty fields between your thoughts
It feels serene, but you’re not a bit immune
Or able to resist
It speaks the language of your soul
Takes you by the wrist
Pulls you from your hole
Into the night

Fly in inverted castle dreams
Replace your eyes
It’s not what it seems
It’s not in you
No it’s not And it can’t bring you away
From the life your heart wishes for
It speaks the language of your soul Takes you by the wrist
Pulls you from your hole
Fills you with light

When it’s over, you’ll be older
And wiser too
With a strong head on your shoulder
Nice to climb into
Strike a balance
Let this challenge embolden you
And it’s over before you know it
Its hold on you

4. Precious

What’s wrong with you?

Sitting on a precious mountaintop
Observing the trees
Swaying in the breeze
Doing just as they please
Your shadow peeps out from beneath a rock And whistles a tune
“Your time is coming soon…”
Swap the sun for the moon

A plague of fantasies descends upon
This haven of mine
And though I know I’m fine
It’s amazing to watch them dine
They're tearing the horizon from the ground
It’s cracking like ice
They’re pulling me inside
Where nothing is born, or dies

We’ll fashion a mask of all your paper planes
(you love it too, don’t you? love it)
Get passionless, bask in awe
Your growing pains hold sway in your head
Groundless and extreme
The source of your dread distressful dreams
If you don’t love it
Why don’t you chuck it out?

A hair emerges from my head
It’s boldly grey amidst brown
As I swim in sound
To you, I’m just fucking around
But while the outside world is grey
My soul replays symphonies
I grab at them and squeeze a mountain
For you and me

A wondrous time was had by all concerned
(you know it too, don’t you? know it)
The candle has died, both ends have been burned away
The friends that you keep love you as you are
Day ends and you sleep, your lover in your arms
If you know it
Why don’t you show it now?

What’s wrong with you?
Don’t bother me
My heart’s abreeze
Treating myself like a precious object
Will make me

5. Cigarettes and wine

Becoming soaking wet with dew
And lately all I want to do is drink it up
So glorious
The hurried multitudes all march in time
Each step a hammer to my addled mind
That scoops me up to an attic room
Outside of time

With cigarettes and wine
And you, by my side
Cigarettes and wine
With you, taste so fine

Waltz me through your photographs
Watch the guitar doze upon my lap
And sigh as vinyl dies
Through the window, smoke escapes
Skip out and see the shape it makes
A diaphanous stair we trip through
On bare feet and firework minds

With cigarettes and wine
And you, by my side
Cigarettes and wine
With you, taste so fine