Researching the effects of aural stimulus upon multiple personalities. Frequently suffers hallucinations where crowds of strangers surround him. Recreational time-traveler.


Listens to: The brittle tapping of a keyboard at 5am

Food: Dried fruit bars, chocolate

Drink: Gin & tonic, rotten hippie teas


Lives in a refurbished 64-bed mansion - alone but for his staff and riches. Enjoys wasting vast amounts of money and taunting the poor. They do deserve it, after all.


Listens to: The plebs, with delighted indifference

Food: Foie gras, pheasant 

Drink: Fine brandies, expensive wine, Old Monk, whatever is lying around the house


Lone denizen of a vast mountain range on the edges of your dreams. Oscillates between colossal outbursts of rage and gentle ripples of tranquility. Do not touch or approach suddenly.


Listens to: You sleeping

Food: ?

Drink: Damn fine coffee, Kahlua-based cocktails, single malt anything


A slow-to-spread psychological virus that has recently gained sentience. Hard to tell if its emotionally genuine or a very accurate mimic. Resides mostly near empty things.


Listens to: Pink noise

Food:  Oats, various proteins

Drink: Cloudy lemonade with a single drop of ethanol